About us

Est. 2021

BRUMNES was founded in 2021 by Marlène Fao in London, England. BRUMNES creates objects for the conscious and design focused shopper with mindful objects that brings elements of quiet, happiness and function to your home. 

What does BRUMNES mean ?

BRUMNES take its name from the word « brume » which means the early morning fog both in french and english. That time of the day which is tranquil, peaceful and where everything is still possible.  BRUMNES also come from « Brune » which is french for « brunette ». A brand that is both ethereal, mysterious and a little feminine too.

Minimalist Design

Thin lines, muted colours, scented recipes, we are inspired by the beauty of nature, art and design in europe, and beyond. 

brumnes jesmonite design colour decor items eco friendly homeware


Scented Candles are made with a vegan, eco-friendly Wax blend, Decorative candles are made with 100% Soy Wax.

Candle Containers and decor are made with an eco-resin: Jesmonite, Solvent-free, Low VOC, Heat-resistant material. Sealant used is organic, natural (beewax).
Colouring used are natural, and mineral. 

Other candle containers are made from glass, they can be reused or easily recycled.

Packaging is eco-friendly which means it is either made with recycled materials, or easy to recycle. 

Safety - our candles are CPL compliant & we are fully insured with PLI. 

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The Maker behind BRUMNES

BRUMNES was founded by Marlène Fao, she moved to London in 2009 from Paris after graduating from University of Paris-Dauphine in International Business. After years of working corporate positions at European roles in London, and an unexpected career change, plus Covid, she decided to create BRUMNES from her home in South West London, UK. She lives with her British partner and their two Bengal cats.